DNF review: The queen subtleties by Suzannah Dunn

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I haven’t disappeared into thin air, I just kind of forgot I had this blog. Oops. Well, that is not totally true. I knew I had it I just had no time or energy to keep up with it, because I’ve been focusing on Goodreads, Instagram (book_and_sword) and my website: Book and Sword as far as social media goes.

But I am planning to be back for good again (at least I will try). So here is a review for you. It’s short because the book is a doooozy!! So bad!

IMG_70431/5 stars

​Look for the nearest dumpster because this is garbage! Trash. Total trash.
I’m rude and I’m not even sorry. How this book ever got published I have absolutely no idea.

I was really in the mood for a Tudor era novel. I found this book in the library book sale for 50cents, and let me tell you – it’s not even worth that.

Normally, I have the rule if I don’t reach the 100 page mark, I don’t rate the book, but in this case I am more than happy to make an exception and give this 1 star (even though it doesn’t even deserve that).

So what went wrong here? Well, everything, but mostly the writing and the content.

This reads like a trashy romance fanfic (minus the actual romance). The author obviously has no idea how people of that era spoke, so it’s full of modern slang and curse words.
Anne Boleyn’s favorite word is apparently “damn”.
King Henry has words such as “skedaddle” in his vocabulary.
Anne’s cousin just tells her to “f@ck off” and so on.

Just as the author has no idea how to write in the language of Tudor era, it is more than clear that she also has no idea about the history itself. The events are short and brisk – it literally feels as if the information was taken from “quick history notes” or something of that sort. Names are just thrown around without any explanation who is who and where they came from – I was so confused the whole time.

In conclusion – don’t waste your time. I only read 48 pages, but it was more than enough to realize what a joke this book is. Will definitely be un-hauling this.



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