2018 reading goals

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Where did 2017 go? Right?

I am very much into making resolutions – even if I don’t always follow them. But bookish resolutions are serious business and I intend to follow those!

1. Be more picky with my books – and for me that means reading less YA books. Not because YA books are bad, but because I feel like recently there have been no new ideas coming and everything feels very repetitive. Same plot holes and pitfalls, same cringy love triangles and same “blueprint” copied characters (for the most part, there are some great and unique YA books out there and my goal is to be picky so I can find them).

2. Reading more of women fiction genre (something along the lines of Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine). I adored that book to bits and pieces and it reminded me how much I enjoy reading about average lives of adults and all of their adult struggles. The reason for me wanting to read this genre is I think because adult and parent figures seem to get lost and take a backseat when it comes to YA literature.

3. Lower my Goodreads reading goal. This one seems counteractive as I beat my reading goal for 2017 pretty easily. But I want to make 2018 more about quality and not quantity. I’ve just read way too many mediocre books in 2017, and I would like to avoid that in 2018. Also, having a high number stresses me out – I know I could easily adjust it if I need to, but to my OCD brain that just sounds like cheating (my brain won’t even let me skim-read books, so yeah….) So my 2018 reading goal is – 52. 

4. Read more Brandon Sanderson books. This is pretty author specific, but I discovered Sanderson in 2017 and I made a goal to read all of his works (one day, for they are all kinda HUGE!). So I plan on slowly working on that goal in 2018.

6. Read some classics – particularly I’d like to read Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, Little Women and The picture of Dorian Grey in 2018.

Those are my current bookish goals for 2018, I might add more later. What are yours? Post the link below to your blog post 🙂



3 thoughts on “2018 reading goals

  1. The Picture of Dorian Gray is one of my favorite classics. Like ever. Wait, probably my top favorite. I own, like, seven physical copies of it. Then I have two Kindle copies, one of the censored version we all know and then one of the uncensored version not as many people have read. I hope you love it!

    – Caidyn

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