Monday bookish hang-out (Orphan trope)


Don’t know about you, but I definitely had a lot of coffee today. Yummmm.

I have an interesting topic in mind: orphan tropes! 90 percent of books we read have a major character who lost his/her parents. Why is that?

Orphan characters – overused trope or a character development necessity? 

For me it’s both: it is so overused that every time I read the line ‘I don’t have parents…’ I roll my eyes. But also, I think that it’s kind of necessary. Think about it. If the character had parents, a happy home, a family – would he or she just get up and leave everything in the name of some quest? Or some strangers?

Would you leave the comfort of your home and the coziness of your bedroom to go on a quest that can potentially be deadly? A character being an orphan takes care of that – you see they have nothing to lose, so of course they would go on a quest, no matter how ridiculous it seems.

Otherwise we would have all of these happy characters leaving their homes for no good reasons and risking their lives, despite having family and people who care about them .

What do you think?

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One thought on “Monday bookish hang-out (Orphan trope)

  1. i totally agree with this. although the trope is found so often in fiction, it’s kinda necessary for plot, character development, action etc..

    though its more realistic to use it in fantasy. cause like if im reading a contemporary and the parents are just NO where to be found ill be like ?? bruh plz.

    great post tho, love the discussion type ones


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