Monday bookish hangout (DNF)

I feel like I skipped quite a few Mondays – and that’s because I’m not good at sticking to the schedule and also I’ve been busy. So yes, those are my excuses. So get your coffee and let’s chat!


How do you handle book DNF’s? I’ve asked that question on my GoodReads and I’m asking it again – because I really want to know.

How many pages do you give yourself before deciding to DNF? How do you shelf them? As read or unread? 

I feel like GoodReads makes it hard to dnf books, because you either have to mark them as read or delete them from yourselves completely. I haven’t dnf’d that many books this year – just 3 to be exact. A gentle wizard by Nils Andersson – it had such great premise and ideas, but it wasn’t executed well and I lost all interest in it. Whip Eye by Geoffrey C. Saign – because it was all over the place and just very messy and just not good. It was tiring to just read through it to be honest. And A court of mist and fury by S.J. Maas – because I realized that Maas is just not the author for me.

But lately I’ve been in such a funk that I literally want to dnf every book I read. Nothing has been holding my attention or spiking my interest – nothing!

I think it’s partly because everything I’ve read recently has been really mediocre, and very very similar to one another. I honestly blame YA genre for that – because the truth is  – most YA books are like template written. Not all, but most. So it bores me!

So, obviously my resolution is to read less YA for now, or at least just be very picky with it. So far I only have two YA genre books that I think I will read this year (and that’s it for YA of 2017) . Scythe and And I Darken. and PLL, because well ,that’s my guilty pleasure series, although the last book I read was pretty boring so I don’t know how far I will go.

So, tell me how do you do DNF? What’s your most DNF’d genre? 

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