Overused phrases in (mostly YA) books. Part 1


We all been there – reading phrases in books over and over, and over again. Rolling our eyes so hard that our eyeballs hurt – no, just me? Is there a universal “overused phrases” dictionary that authors constantly pull from? Here are some of the few that I find most annoying. 

  • “She/he released a breath she/he didn’t know she/he was holding.”  – judging by the amount of unreleased breaths I am surprised those characters are still alive. I would suffocated long ago! ksbp
  • “I am not particularly pretty… I am not like those other girls…” (meanwhile she is like the hottest girl in the book) – I absolutely hate this phrase. The next book that uses it just gets the DNF bucket! giphy
  • “My yes roved over his toned abs…his toned abs were visible through his shirt…he was toned and firm, like a greek god” – If I had a penny every time I read that in a book I’d be so rich right now. I’m sorry but where do all of those male characters find time to work out? When all they do is brood and hit on the female characters? Also, do normal looking males not exist in the book world? Are they send to the chopper because they don’t have hard pecks and their figure is not god-like? If female characters get representation of all body figures then I feel like males should get it too. emma-watsongosh
  • “He was talking, but all she could think of was his lips, how she wanted to kiss him…” – apparently none of the female main characters can keep it in their pants when one of those hard-peck-godlike-bodied-boys come along. And it doesn’t matter that they literally just met – she just wants his lips! giphy-2
  • “And before I knew it we were kissing, tumbling with each other, his hands rowing my body, grasping for breath…” – yada, yada, yada, I feel like every romantic scene in every book I recently have read was the same. It’s like copy and paste! Maybe that’s why I prefer no romance in books at all? giphy-3

Those are all I can think of right now. PLEASE comments phrases that annoy you in books – I’d love to read it! 



14 thoughts on “Overused phrases in (mostly YA) books. Part 1

  1. All of this. I’m sorry for the pain it must have caused you to type those quotations out but it needed to be said! It is part of the reason I am not so much into YA anymore. =/

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    1. Thank you – I was cringing while I was typing 🙂
      Me too, I feel like I’ve read a lot of YA this yearend to be honest 70 percent of it didn’t agree with me. So I will be reading less of it from now on (hopefully) 🙂


      1. It is so hard though because YA is so popular! It pops up on my feeds everywhere so I start to think “oooohh I should read that…” But it almost never ends well. YA Contemporary i don’t seem to have as many problems with, YA fantasy seems to be the main culprit.


  2. THIS POST IS AMAZING! Literally the “breath holding” one and the “not like other girls” one were so true! Those two phrases annoy us sooooo much! This kind of goes along with the second one, but we definitely hate it when a YA heroine describes herself as plain and is constantly saying how boring she is compared to all these lively, pretty girls around her; yet, within the course of the book the “plain” heroine has like three or four guys falling all over her (*eyeroll*)

    Anyways great post! Happy reading!

    -Ash & Lo

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