Monday bookish hang-out #4 (October recommendations)


October is my favorite month of the year (and I don’t really like Halloween that much). There’s just something so perfectly Autumnal in the air in the month of October. I love September and November too, but October just has magic around it.

Here are some October recommendations to put you in a perfect Autumnal mood. I have some music, cartoon and book recommendations. 

Music: Last Shadow Puppets album The age of the understatement is the most perfect October music ever! It’s got a spooky feel to it, it’s deliciously dark and it’s just so darn good! Give them a listen! You won’t regret it (they are British, wink wink). It’s actually Alex turner’s second band (the frontman of Arctic Monkeys, which I ALSO recommend). the-last-shadow-puppets-2hmtx7l

Cartoon/movie: I know what you are thinking – it’s easy, just watch any Halloween movie. Well, that’s not what I am recommending here. I like to watch something that has perfect autumn feel and ambience. And Over The Garden Wall (mini series from Cartoon Network) is as perfect as it gets. I cannot recommend it enough. 406907

Also, I feel like Kiki’s delivery service is perfect for a warm Autumn night. Who’s better than the world’s friendliest witch to keep you company in October? photo

And if you are in the mood for something creepier, but still adorable you can watch The Corpse Bride. Corpse-Bride-tim-burton-and-danny-elfman-films-16238169-1024-768

Also, October, and just Autumn in general puts me in the mood to watch Harry Potter films. I don’t know I will have time to do it though, but I definitely want to. rehost-2016-9-13-a06c89cf-ff52-48e3-a8f9-2d17f22615bb

Now I have some activities recommendations. Obviously there’s pumpkin patches, hay rides, pole picking, drinking hot chocolate and stuff. All of that is great and lovely, but here are a few if you are not into all of the nature stuff.

I feel like October is a perfect month to go antique-ing and looking for hidden treasures in small shops. ea30cca60b32fc72dfd3b4636fd12ba9--antique-shops-vintage-shops

Tea parties. Not like in Alice in wonderland, although if you are into that – why not? You just need a rabbit and a crazy hat and you are all set! It doesn’t even have to be a party – just get some nice and delicate looking teacups, buy some biscuits and have a nice cup of tea with yourself. It will put you into a perfect Autumn mood right away, you will see.tumblr_nh70izhvkk1rp3zo9o1_500

And obviously, cozy up with a book! Here are just a few recommendations from me.

  • The language of thorns  – short stories by Leigh Bardugo. Her bit creepy and delicious writing is a must read for this time of the year. Plus this book is filled with breathtaking illustrations. IMG_5600
  • Jane Eyre  – to me Jane Eyre speaks of Autumn weather and dark secrets. I haven’t read this myself yet, but I definitely will pretty soon.IMG_5602
  • Stalking Jack the Ripper – although I haven’t enjoyed this as much as I hoped I would I will still recommend this as a perfect October read – especially if you are looking for something gory and bloody. IMG_5582
  • The night circus – slow delicious writing, breathtaking descriptions – this book has magic flowing through its pages. Definitely a perfect book to curl up with a cup of tea. IMG_5603

Those are all of my recommendations for the month of October. What books do you like to read in October? What movies do you like to watch? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to chat.

Iryna FullSizeRender


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