Library picks! (Quick Video)

Hi guys,48b30aa2514139b3e81d22ec8eff4be3

Today I present to you my very first video about books. I filmed a video of me sitting in the car and talking about books I picked from the library.

Awkward and very cringe-worthy, but hey, who cares?  I just had fun talking about books 🙂 Take a shot every time I say “like” !

Wanted to mention that I don’t have a Youtube Channel (official one, that is) and I am not making one. I don’t have time, or to be honest, camera skills for that. I filmed this on my PHONE for goodness sake 🙂 I merely used Youtube to upload the video so then I can post it to my blog. 

I also originally posted it on my MAIN WEBSITE which is where I will probably keep it, and maybe even post more videos in the future. So, I’d love if you checked it out – it contains most of my book reviews, as I use WordPress mostly for fun things, such as book tags. 

P.S. when I say “it’s backwards” – it was backwards in my camera view…Rookie mistake 🙂


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