Monday bookish hang-out #3 (reading goals)


Grab your coffee and let’s chat.

Do your reading goals stress you out? Do you even set reading goals for yourself? This was a second year that I set a GoodReads reading goal (I had one previous year, but it didn’t really count because I set it in July (thinking that it just goes year from the date it’s set…So, obviously I failed that one). I have to say that having a set number of a reading goal for the year is very stressful. For me. I don’t know why. I didn’t set too high of a number either – 80 (I mean I’ve seen people set 200 book goals and I unfortunately can probably never do that).

It’s just having that number in the back of my head and slowly climbing to it through the year – brings me stress. It’s quite silly, but it is what it is. I always think well what if I don’t make it. I know it doesn’t really matter, but try telling my brain that.

I also consider changing the goal to my needs for the year (lowering or raising it) is cheating. I know it’s not. I know it’s practical. But, once again, try telling my brain that.

So for the next year I’m thinking of putting a small number (like 40) and then still reading a lot. That way I will be less stressed and feel more accomplished too 🙂

Also, with having a higher reading goal I felt the quantity taking over quality. I’d just be reading something just to read it – I want to be more selective with my books in the new year. I want to read great books, books that teach me something, that destroy me in the best of ways, that leave me with feelings.

Tell me – what stresses you out? Does GR book reading goal stresses you? Does your TBR pile stresses you out?

That’s it for this Monday hang-out. Thank you chatting with me. Till next time.




3 thoughts on “Monday bookish hang-out #3 (reading goals)

  1. I completely empathize with the quantity over quality taking over your reading life. I found myself not reading some series even though I really wanted to because the books were longer and I knew it would take longer to get through. It is oddly hard to break out of that!

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    1. oh my goodness – yes!!
      I remember being iffy about reading Mistborn – because those books are huge and I just wanted to get more books for my challenge, so I didn’t want to commit.

      Such a silly reason, but you are so right – it’s hard to break out of that mindset “well instead of one 800 page book, I can read 3 smaller ones….”


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