Monday bookish hang-out #2 (Autumn)

I’ve been so busy I wasn’t ready for Monday to come. So, once again,  Monday bookish hang-out is coming to you on a Tuesday! I should just rename it – right?


Grab your coffee, or whatever beverage you prefer and let’s chat. Today’s theme is Autumn – because it’s my favorite season and leaves already started turning, and all I want to do is talk about autumn related things. fall-leaves-autumn-gif-2

Do you decorate for fall? –  I’ve seen so many cute decorations – both for fall and Halloween – but if I were to buy them – I’d be broke so quick! Plus, my decor is quite minimalistic (I only use black, white, gold and grey colors – mostly), so I don’t know how to incorporate fall looking things into it without ruining the minimal ambiance? Any ideas? Pictures? Inspirations? I will take it all 🙂

What is your favorite fall drink (if you have one) – hmmm, I don’t think my drink really changes with the season – just the way I drink it changes. In summer and spring I drink iced coffees. In fall and winter I drink hot coffees 🙂 And I also reach for an occasional hazelnut latte 🙂 That’s it – I think that hazelnut is the fall flavor for me 🙂 Were you expecting pumpkin? I know it’s a big deal – but I don’t like PSL 🙂 Too sweet – too much – not a pumpkin fan.

Corn maze? Pumpkin patch? Are you doing anything fall-ish and fun this year? – hopefully I will get to go to corn maze. I’ve never been in one 🙂 Also there are a lot of festivals this time of year – so hoping to eat some good food. Two weeks ago I tried buffalo sauce pirogies for the first time – it was the bomb!

Recommend something Autumn themed to me (book, song, anime, movie – anything) – I would like to recommend a mini series – Over the Garden Wall for everybody who is an Autumn fan like myself. It’s short, it’s perfect, it’s so atmospheric! And the soundtrack? – amazing! Actually you can listen to it on Youtube right HERE otgw_walkI know I will be definitely rewatching this soon. Let me know if you’ve seen it, and if you liked it. No book recommendations from me today, as I already mentioned some autumn reads in my previous Monday hang-out 🙂

Stay cozy! till next time,

Iryna. FullSizeRender


One thought on “Monday bookish hang-out #2 (Autumn)

  1. I never decorate for fall, nor do I really do anything. Never liked mazes. Hayrides get me itchy and uncomfortable. I definitely fall into the pumpkin pitfall myself. I think it’s sweet but it’s a nice treat to have every so often. Hmm… something to recommend with fall. Neil Gaiman is great. I’m rereading The Graveyard Book at some point. Also, anything Stephen King. Especially IT.

    – Caidyn


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