Book shelf TOUR

My bookshelves are not that pretty – but I still kind of like them 🙂 My only wish is that I had more books, and more shelves. Oh and I also want to redecorate and have wooden shelves instead of my cheap IKEA ones, but that is way into the future (as wooden shelves are so expensive!!).

If any of you guys wants to do a tour of your shelves I’d love to see it. Make sure to tag me in your post 🙂

IMG_5459And sorry about the lighting – it has been non stop gloomy here for days. This is an overview of my shelf in the living room – I try to put prettier books here, to display them proudly. But it also holds the only movie dvd’s that we own, because I had nowhere else to put them.

IMG_5454Here is and up-close from the top shelves. I tried to go by color and by height, but then it turned out I don’t own that many books in same colors that are also the same heights, so I had to improvise 🙂 The Twilight copy was a thrift find – although I don’t plan on ever reading it. I also have some ARC’s on this shelf. IMG_5458This is the other side of the shelf and it’s being supported by a book-end dog:) A present from my family. I also tried to go by color and I think I did okay here:) This shelf contains some of my favorites – such as Cinder, From sand and Ash, Life of Pi  and The Night Circus. From this shelf I am most excited to read All the light we cannot see and Making Faces. IMG_5455These two Egyptian book ends used to hold all of my favorites previously, but then I re-organized. Now it just holds random stuff. I have three books by my favorite author here – Amy Harmon. A beloved copy of Mistborn. Beautiful editions of 2 of Jane Austen books and a thrift find of Behind her eyes. Also a non-fiction Big Magic (also a thrift find). IMG_5457On the other side of that I have books that have beautiful spines. The 3 first books on the left are my husband’s and 3 on the right are mine. My husband loves science and I love fiction 🙂 All three of my books are complete dream-boats and sometimes I just pick them up to stare at them, and touch them because they are so pretty and satisfying.  The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo should be joining this shelf soon:) IMG_5468Here I have, well basically a Leigh Bardugo shelf. And some other nice hardcovers. Although the Divergent trilogy is not worth being on this nice shelf – but oh well. Above you can see some of the dvd’s peeking through.

IMG_5456Then I have a bottom shelf of random books. Lots of them are writing books and non-fiction (most of which are my husband’s). I also stuck my Hunger Games in there. And our LOcke and Key graphic novel collection. IMG_5460Moving onto my other two shelf in dining room – I have these books, which I took the dust jackets from: 1. They were old. 2. I really hate dust jackets. 3. They look better without them. Also I drew that mandala on a piece of wood a while ago. I make most of my decor DIY. IMG_5461Below that I have a shelf with fake looking books, which are actually storage boxes and I drew the blessed art as well. Below that I have my very LOATHED mass-paperbacks. Even though I have some favorite books in there : Wuthering Heights, Neverwhere and Talking to Dragons series. IMG_5462Then I just have….well, a mess 🙂 My Percy Jackson books are on here and then my TMI collection – which I hate how they changed the covers and I couldn’t find the old ones ANYWHERE!!!  So now it’s all mismatched and my OCD is hating it. I also stuck some random hardcovers in there and the Cursed Child, which I hated and that’s why it’s not displayed nicely LOL. Below that is a big mess of textbooks, mythology books and a giant book of World of Warcraft ART .IMG_5464On the other side I have more LOATHED paperbacks. It contains my Game of Thrones and some random old books about dragons, which I will never read and will probably get rid of because they were just given to us (instead of being thrown away). I have my Jim Butcher collection on the bottom, as well las two of Sailor Moon manga books. And more random books.  There’s also a book on pickling there – so go figure. I really have to clean out ! There’s another shelf below this but it holds more textbooks and cookbooks, so I’m not even going to show that mess. IMG_5465Here is a random shelf that sits on the other side of the room – it’s got flowers on top of it. Here I keep random stuff, some ARC’s  and HP at the bottom. I wanted to take them out of the cardboard but then I thought that they would hold better in it, so I left it on. The other part of a dog book end is holding that mess together. IMG_5467And lastly I have some random books in my bedroom – I like to display pretty books with no dust jackets 🙂 The Two Towers actually has a golden eye of Sauron on it – so cool 🙂

That’s it for my book shelf tour – like I said they are not that pretty, but hey – it is what it is🙂 Please share yours if you wish and make sure to tag me in them ❤

Till next time, Iryna. FullSizeRender


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