Coffee book tag 


Coffee is life. So of course I MUST do the coffee tag ❤ I tag all of the coffee lovers out there. 


BLACK: NAME A SERIES THAT’S TOUGH TO GET INTO BUT HAS HARDCORE FANS.  – I am going to go with ADSOM by V.E. Shcwab. I’ve read the first book about half a year ago and I really liked about 90 percent of it, but then the ending was so unsatisfying to me. Very underwhelming. So that and the fact that I pretty much loathe Lila Bard made me not even care to read the second book. I own it, so I might eventually, but not soon. And I know that it definitely has some hardcore fan base. Darker

PEPPERMINT MOCHA: NAME A BOOK THAT GETS MORE POPULAR DURING THE WINTER OR A FESTIVE TIME OF YEAR. – I feel like this answer is so mainstream but I’m going say Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. I just feel like people gravitate towards it even more when it’s a festive time of year. Maybe it’s all of those Hogwarts feasts?:) giphy

HOT CHOCOLATE: WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE CHILDREN’S BOOK? – I have a few. I absolutely adore Matilda by Roald Dahl. And Coraline by Neil Gaiman (although I love the animated movie of it a tad more). Also when I was a kid I read lots of Brothers Grimm stories and I loved it. Coraline

DOUBLE SHOT OF ESPRESSO: NAME A BOOK THAT KEPT YOU ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT FROM START TO FINISH. – I don’t know why, but man, This savage song by V.E.Schwab was like that for me. I devoured it while being super edgy while reading it. I loved it!  (sadly the sequel did nothing for me at all). IMG_5067

STARBUCKS: NAME A BOOK YOU SEE EVERYWHERE. When Dimple met rishi by Sandhya Menon – this book has been literally everywhere. I had it on my TBR for a while, but then after some reviews that I trust I lost all interest in it. It just didn’t seem like it would be something I’d like at all. When-Dimple-Met-Rishi

OOPS! I ACCIDENTALLY GOT DECAF: NAME A BOOK YOU WERE EXPECTING MORE FROM. – I have two pretty disappointing reads – although almost everybody else I know absolutely loved them. These books took GR by storm butt just didn’t do much for me. I didn’t hate them, but I certainly had many issues reading them. Strange the Dreamer by Liani Taylor (read review HERE ) and Eliza and her monsters by Francesca Zappiaimg-4792

GREEN TEA: NAME A BOOK OR SERIES THAT IS QUIETLY BEAUTIFUL. – Slow burning and delicious The Night circus by Erin Morgensternimages-4

CHAI TEA: NAME A BOOK OR SERIES THAT MAKES YOU DREAM OF FAR OFF PLACES. – This one somehow is hard, but I am going to go with Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis . I liked books much better than the movies – movies were pretty, but they changed way too many things! 😦 ImpracticalDecentBlackfootedferret-max-1mb

EARL GREY: NAME YOUR FAVOURITE CLASSIC. – I’m going to go with Sherlock Holmes stories (all of them). Like literally all of the stories. I just love them all. When I was a teen it was all I’d read, so it’s safe to say that I read every single story at least 5 (more like 10) times. f69ad46f33a5ce68edcbe52801629cd6


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