Review: The law of Moses by Amy Harmon

Star Rating : 4.5/5 fullsizerender-3

I was ready to love this book the moment I opened the package it came in. This is my second book by Amy Harmon, and the first one I read The Bird and the Sword had completely blown me away, so I was ready to be blown away again.

But I was not. Not from the first pages at least. You see, I do not like romance novels, I do not read them, I do not go near the shelf of them in a bookstore. I enjoy a good love story woven into the book, but I don’t like when it is a center of the book. And this was a romance novel from the very first pages.

I don’t know how I didn’t realize it was a romance before I bought it, but here I was, reading and thinking, no,no, please no more soppy and horny teenagers, I can’t take it! 
Luckily for me The Law of Moses was so much more than a romance novel. It had a love story, yes, more than one actually, but it also had loss, pain, friendship, supernatural abilities, addiction, mental issues, intimacy, mystery, murder and art. You would think it would be too much to be in one book, that it would be too busy and distorted, but it wasn’t. It complimented the story, and made it more realistic.

I have discovered Amy Harmon only about a year ago, but I am already and completely hooked on her writing style. It is simple in the best of ways. Raw with emotion and full of detail. It makes me want to slow down while I am reading, so I don’t miss any words.

The book has two points of view: Georgia’s and Moses’.
As I started reading, I immediately disliked Georgia, she was everything I despise in teenage girls. She was naive, she had no respect for her body, she had no dignity, she was running after the bad boy, and she thought she could fix the world. And then I realized why I disliked her so much. Because I was Georgia once. And it made me mad, and it embarrassed me to read about how I once was. I had my bad boy too, I had no dignity once too, I was foolish and thought only of myself and of my “big true love”. So I gave Georgia a chance. I gave her a chance and she burned bright, she transformed, she broke into pieces and then she put herself back together. And it was as wonderful as it was painful. If I told you what Georgia lost I would spoil the whole book, so I won’t. But be ready for her pain, because I was not.

Moses, who the story centers around, has a supernatural ability. He is different, he is scary and weird and nobody understands him. Except Georgia, and then Tag (his new friend from mental hospital). I am so thankful that the story was also told from his point of view. Otherwise he would have been very easy to hate. But going behind the curtains of a hateful and quite arrogant male, who takes what he pleases, and seeing his pain and his life, made him the most lovable character ever. The supernatural aspect of Moses is what had completely won me over in this book, because as I said I needed something more than a love story.

At first I was extremely turned off by the setting of the book: cowboy boots, ranch horses, cowgirls, stampede – not my cup of tea. But as the story progressed those surroundings became a part of the story.

As I mentioned before this book has a lot going on. There is a love story, there is a peculiar friendship story that started in a mental facility, there are parent figures and how they deal with the situations that rise up in the book, suicide problems, murders and the mystery of those murders. There is also a lot of art, raw human emotion and pain. And plot twists, so many twists and unexpected events.
Every time I thought I knew what was coming, or I thought I could see the next plot twist, something entirely different would happen. I could not catch up with the book. Maybe it was just me. Maybe somebody else would see it coming miles away, but I did not. And I loved that.

There is a book that goes after this one The Song of David, and I cannot wait to pick that one up. And I do not read romances.


6 thoughts on “Review: The law of Moses by Amy Harmon

  1. So, like most readers that buy books that end up siting on the shelves for ages, I have been putting this book off for months. But I also read The Bird and The Sword earlier this year and was completely memorized by Harmon’s writing. This review might have edged this book further up my TBR! Thanks!

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    1. ohhh awesome – I’m so glad! I actually have another one of her books sitting and waiting for me on theshelfb – Making Faces, so hopefully I get there soon.
      And yes, her style of writing is enchanting.


      1. ahhh, so powerful!
        Have you read From ash and Sand?
        Because that book is just wow. Like no words. ❤ all the stars.
        It helps that historical fiction is my number 1 favorite genre, but Amy Harmon makes it even so much more than that .


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