Review: One of us is lying by Karen McManus

IMG_5204 copyThis was fun, easy and hard to put down – exactly what I wanted.
This wasn’t anything new, spectacular or exceptionally thrilling.

One of us is lying is advertised as a thriller, which I didn’t think it was. There were thrilling moments in it, yes, but it wasn’t a thriller. More of a ‘who-dunn-it-high-school-story’ thing.

It is said that this book will appeal to the fans of Pretty Little Liars, but this is basically PPL. Four guilty suspects. Good girl falls for a bad boy. One rich and super smart girl. A pretty blonde. Super sporty one – so many similarities.
I didn’t mind it though. As I really enjoyed the PPL (tv-show, I haven’t read the books yet).

I absolutely loved about 90% of the book. It was very entertaining, but then the ending happened. SO VERY ANTI-CLIMATIC! I was pretty crushed.
I don’t know what I was expecting? More dead bodies? Crazier outcome? Juicier secrets? Somebody totally unexpected being guilty? – probably, all of it.

The tension was built nicely, but then it was left down, like a deflated ballon to the ground. The ending was just ‘too normal’? In my opinion anyway.

In the end, this was very entertaining and quick, perfect for a summer read. Especially if you are sitting by the pool. I really enjoyed it. Just don’t expect anything too spectacular.

I gave it 3.5/5 stars on GoodReads.


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