Am writing: slacking (Day 3)

So today I thought that I would write with some music in the the background.

Bad, bad idea! It’s been at least half an hour and all I’ve done is – well, written this post and sang all of the songs. I simply cannot focus when there’s music in the background. Because I listen to it, and then I try singing to it and then I honestly forget what I was doing in the first place.

That is the magic of music. 

I am very jealous of all of those people who work better if there’s music playing. Classical music works, but today I wasn’t feeling classical. Here are some examples of my favorite songs that kept me away from writing today, just because they are so beautiful themselves!

  • Skin by Rae Morris
  • Risk it all by The Vamps
  • Pools by Glass Animals
  • Unstoppable by Sia
  • Where did you sleep last night a cover performed by Nirvana 
  • The King and all of his men by Wolf Gang 
  • True colors by Zedd 

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