Am writing: What am I even writing about? (day 1)

Decided to start a little short ‘daily blog’ series on my blog. Just some thoughts and hardships of me trying to write my first novel. I have been writing for a while, but day 1 is the first time I am documenting it.

What am I even writing about?

I keep telling myself that I will write every day, even a little bit. And then I keep…not writing every day. I take days, sometimes a whole week without writing. And then when I come back to it, I am so lost at where I was that I have to go and re-read many of the scenes. And when I re-read scenes I correct and edit things. And by the time I am done, I have run out of my daily writing time. So I go back to square one.

I can’t be the only one doing it right?

So I thought maybe writing about writing will help me to focus and write more. Sometimes, I worry how I will publish. Self-publishing seems like a good route, if I don’t want to wait to publish. But traditional publishing is like a dream, right? And then I remember that I haven’t even finished my first draft, and I laugh at my oh-so-future-worries.

Anybody else have trouble staying focus on a novel? Writing daily? Tips? All welcome.

Meanwhile, I am off to WRITE (unless I get distracted).


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